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    PROTEC Petrol & Diesel Booster is a palm oil-based fuel additive which is formulated to restructure fuel molecules. The formulation restructures the molecules for greater efficiency during combustion. The restructuring increases the surface area of fuel molecules and enables more oxygen to react with the fuel. As a result, fuel burns more efficiently, achieving a combustion rate of up to 98%.
    Let Your Vehicle Well Performance Even Save up Your Petrol Money Up to 26.6% with PROTEC BOOSTER Safe to Use and VERIFY by NEA SINGAPORE 
    PROTEC Petrol & Diesel Booster has been tested and it has been verified to treat and purify automobile petrol and diesel engines and beneficial fe and                   
      environmental friendly
    for industrial usage resulting in the following benefits:
    * Reduce smoke Emission           * Improves engine start up
    * Fuel Saving                                  * Increase engine power               
    * Improves combustion               * It does not contain corrosive 
    * Absolutely safe and                   * Cleans fuel injectors 
      environmental friendly                  and fuel system
    * 1000 – 1600cc    >15ml Protec
    * 1800 – 2400cc    >20ml Protec
    * 2500 – 4000cc    >25 - 30ml Protec
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