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    How many times have we been introduced to a new acquaintance, a colleague, a worker and we immediately forget their names? Embarrassing, isn't it? 
    On the other hand, how many times have we felt good when someone remembers our name? Of course! 
    The art of remembering names is a finite science and like all finite sciences, it can be taught and with practice, mastered. Yes, it is possible to have full mastery on the art and science of remembering names.
    Fear no more. Come and attend a fun-filled two-hour theory and practical workshop and be amazed how Andrew James Ong helps you tap into the hidden potential of your mind. 
    You can if you think you can!
    Register now and enjoy special savings on SPECIAL package currently ON PROMOTION!
    1.	“,,,, very clear instructions and fully engaging from beginning to end,,, Thank you, Andrew” - Kalai
    2.	“….. good teaching methods,,, so much practice.  Appreciated. Thanks” - Tan Choon Peng
    3.	“… a good reminder on importance of remembering names” - Irene Chen
    4.	“Interesting and lots of practical” - Charlie Lim
    5.	“Absolutely beneficial!” - Alvin Sng
    6.	“Good practical tips on remembering names” – Lilian Ng
    7.	“I like the practice part,,,,” - Remus Ng
    8.	“Great lesson on the art and science of remembering names” Jeffrey Goh
    9.	“Excellent” - Yong Chee Keong
    10.	“Awesome!” – Richard Kwok
    11.	“New skills to learn and adopt in remembering names” – Alice Lim
    12.	“Really appreciate the course. Learnt so much new insights and practical tips on remembering names. Thanks, Andrew” - Aldrik Hoe
    13.	“Keep it up, Andrew” Jacelyn
    14.	“Great insights …. Open minds to new perspectives in remembering names” Delphina Teo
    15.	“Great!” Lucas
    (Less the Chinese New Year Promotion on 19th Feb 2018)	
    1.	Minimum ten students; maximum twenty (20) per session
    2.	If registrant enrolls ten students in single registration, the tenth students get to attend for FREE; ie fees are charged for nine students only
    3.	One Special Classes arranged on Monday, 19th Feb 2018 where Promo in S/N 2 above does not apply
    4.	Location: 40 Floor, unit 40-12 International PLaza Singapore
    Background of The Coach:
    For more than 30 years, from the dirt trenches of the Battalion Headquarters and bashing through thick tropical rain forests during his army days with the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) to leading teams of business leaders from more than 35 countries, the desire and purpose had always been the same-to raise the level of the individual’s performance, to be the best that one can be, maximizing potential. What began as a young man’s desire to empower colleagues and friends raise the quality of their lives has grown into a lifelong crusade as he is aggressively and relentlessly sought out by industry leaders desirous to form partnerships.
    From the numerous partnerships with corporations and leaders from all walks of life, Andrew, the professional motivation and inspirational speaker forged and formulated a unique training system so versatile it can be specifically tailor-designed for all fields of individual as well as collective human endeavour.
    From the athlete who wants to run faster and jump higher to the politician seeking re-election, from the mountaineer dreaming of higher conquest of new peaks to the drug addict contemplating kicking the drug habit after countless failed attempts, the Mentorship Program has it all.
    So inspirational is he that in just 20 minutes, he once inspired a champion dragon boat rowing team to break their course record during a Dragon Boat rowing competition.
    A struggling land-banking sales consultant with zero sales came to him for help and after 2 one-hour mentoring sessions, closed his first deal having spent the first 5 months as a rookie selling nothing. Likewise, insurance agents and financial planners too who sold nothing for many months, suddenly found the passion and desire and re-commenced doing justice to the industry.
    Adults and the elderly who never successfully learnt swimming in entire lifetimes, mustered enough courage and in 20 minutes learnt to swim with confidence.
    This is the value of what Andrew James Ong brings to the table. Mentees and delegates of his seminars and coaching sessions come from backgrounds are as diverse as accountancy and the arts. They also include barristers and bus drivers, professors and physicians, retirees and real estate agents, students and senators, policemen and prisoners, fishermen and financial planners, ex-drug addicts and ex-drug traffickers, mayors, masons and managers, business owners and employees, leaders and followers, the list goes on and on.
    After a 21-year illustrious stint with the Singapore Armed Forces, he went on from splendor to splendor. And all these were possible because he re-claimed mastery over his destiny. He survived four near death traumatic events and never once gave in or gave up.  Where ordinary mortals would have caved in, he got a good hold of his life and re-charted new directions and set sail yet again, never looking back but always looking forward to reach his goals. And he discovered that when one wants something badly enough and is prepared to razor sharpen and hone one’s skills, the universe conspires and eventually bends itself and gives one whatever one desires.
    Collating and dissecting the life-long experiences and real-life examples gleaned from his many seminars and workshops, he wrote “Common To unCommon” to re-launch his speaking and coaching expedition. He lives the adage, “It does not matter how you run the race. All that matters is how you end the race”. 
    Finn, Lasse Viren, the overwhelming favorite to win the 10,000 meters at the 1972 Munich Olympics, tripped and fell shortly after the start of the race, leaving him trailing more than 30 meters behind. Against all odds, he discovered new thresholds he never knew he had and went on to win the gold medal in world-record time.
    What about you? Do you want to finish every race with the best possible score?
    One of his favorite adages is: “If it is going to be, it is up to me” He made a choice and he adapted this mantra titled, “UnCOMMON” and it goes like this:
    “I choose not to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon if I can.
    And if I cannot, then I must. Becoz when I know I must, I surely can. 
     I seek opportunity, not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, dulled and humbled by having the state look after me.  I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed.
     I will not take shelter in the guaranteed existence of my comfort zone. Instead I will take on the challenges of life. And if the challenges of life come charging at me with the ferocity of a raging bull, I will take the bull head on. And if ever the need arises, I will, with the tenacity of the finest matador, take the bull by its horns.
     Throughout this journey, I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat for I consider it my ultimate right to stand erect, upright, proud and unafraid and say boldly to the world:
    “This I have done!”
    MILESTONES Andrew James Ong 
    -	Mentored business leaders in more than 35 countries 
    -	Survived four near-death traumas, including three heart attacks and live to tell those experiences
    -	Survived abject harsh poverty in early childhood and is today, financially independent
    -	Survived and overcome numerous setbacks during his illustrious 21-year military career, including forgiving the perpetrators who tried to kill him in a grenade attack. He speaks passionately about “forgiveness”
    -	Achieved the MDRT in less than two months, an exceptional feat in the insurance industry 
    -	Nominated Singapore Insurance Practitioner of the Year 2001. 
    -	Authored “Common To Uncommon”, a book about razor-sharpening life skills and attitudes for empowerment and purposeful living- July 2014
    -	Authored “An Uncommon Nation”, celebrating 50 of the finest of Singapore’s distinct triumphs through the trials and tribulations of her first 50 years of independence- Feb 2015
    -	Authored “Uncommon Mentorship” capturing his deep and profound insights during a life-long crusade empowering colleagues, friends and delegates alike- July2015
    -	Leading efforts to help the diabetics in Asia, Europe and beyond regain their health. 
    -	Empowering individuals, audiences and organisations (One-to-One; One-To-A-Few and One-To-Many), to maximise potential in the region; in person, in print, on radio and television and through social media. 
    Andrew J Ong +65 9022 1786. E aeiouong@gmail.com
    #04-16, Lucky Plaza, 340 Orchard Road Singapore
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