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    What would you do if you are a 45-year old father and your 13-year old son hurled a brick at you during one family dinner? 
    And he hurled the brick in front of your wife and all your other children? Can you live with the humiliation and the immense pain that eat into you every day? How do you deal with such an absurd and nonsensical outburst? 
    How do you forgive your son?
    If you are the son, how do you go on living? How do you live with the folly of dishonoring your father? 
    What would you do if you are a young and pretty undergraduate with a bright future when suddenly a spurned suitor splash acid on your face which despite numerous surgeries, left you completely blind? 
    What would you do if the law of the land allows you to similarly blind your perpetrator? Would you exercise that right? 
    What would you do if at the peak of your career, someone tries to assassinate you, booby-trapping your barrack room door with a hand grenade-and the grenade did go off, ripping off the real estate of the immediate surrounding and sending you to hospital where you languished in excruciating pain almost a month and emerged scarred, physically, mentally and emotionally?
    Read about the incredible journeys each of these victims travelled that led to their eventual reconciliation with the perpetrators and so rise from   
    About the Author: From bashing through thick tropical rainforests during his army days to leading teams of business leaders in more than 35 countries, Andrew’s burning desire has always been to uncover the raison d’être in individuals. With true grit honed in his early childhood, Andrew overcame numerous setbacks during his illustrious 21-year military career, including forgiving the perpetrators who tried to kill him in a grenade attack. Beyond the military, Andrew achieved the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) in less than two months, an exceptional feat in the insurance industry. He also led efforts to help tens of thousands of diabetics in the region to regain their health. 
    Today, as a motivational speaker, life and executive coach, he empowers individuals and audiences in the region. Andrew lives in Singapore with his wife and three grownup children. 
    Andrew Goh PhD Editor of Impact Magazine, Platform Speaker and Motivational Specialist, Singapore
    “…challenges readers to face up to what could be their best and not compromise for the comfortable and convenient”.
    Ricky and Cristina Macabunga, Business Owners, Quezon City, Luzon, Philippines
     “…regardless of your age, educational background or profession, you will find this book a refreshing compilation of a life’s work on the art and craft of living well and successfully“.
    Steven Chiew Founder, GoldLion Business School, Co-Founder, Donut Empire, International Holding, Singapore
     “….first time I read of a 19-year old gentleman who knows exactly what he wants, including the criteria and requirements for his wife to be.”
    “How far you go, depends on who your Peers are. How good you are, depends on who your Mentors are. How successful you are, depends on who your partners are.” 
    Michael Leong, Lecturer and Financial Consultant, Singapore
     “….a living journal of one who has endured so much…. a declaration of faith, of hope, of love, of endless possibilities and the triumph of the human spirit.” 
    Colin Kwok, Private Investor, Perth, Australia
    “Some passages will make you turn off the TV set.” 
    Mildred Millie de Vera, Editor-in-Chief, Trinitas Publishing, Inc. Columnist, Vanity Magazine, Manila, Philippines
     “I cried when I first heard Andrew’s journey of reconciliation with his father.” 
    Edwin Guibao, Manager, Alrajhi Group of Companies, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    “Andrew speaks directly to your heart.” 
    Ms Ailene Lee, Working mother, Singapore
    “Never wait for things to happen. Holding our destiny in our hands and making things happen is what life is all about” 
    Ismail A Rahman, Managing Director, Stallion Security, Singapore
     “If you have the desire and passion to maximise your potential, this book is for you.” 
    Christine Roque, Businesswoman, Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines
    “Whether at 75, 55 or even 25, when you stop questioning, you cut short your explorations and end up with permanently, unfinished lives.” 
    Ms Gan Lay Ting, Founder, MG Team, Entrepreneur, Ecosway, Cosway (M) Sdn. Bhd, Singapore
     “If only we know what we want, we can have anything we want.” 
    Ricky Caragay, Businessman Abucay, Bataan, Philippines
    “The teachings transcend age, race, religion, language, cultures and endure the test of time” 
    May and Mel Teo. Professionals and Entrepreneurs, Singapore
    “….journey to experience the incredible and blessed closure with someone who blew him up with a hand grenade and his reconciliation with his father are wonderful examples for us all to live …” 
    Garrett and Kate Hong, Parents to three young children, Singapore
    “….the concepts are applicable even for our young children.” 
    Nataly Hong, 11-year old student, Singapore
    “…teaches us the simple principles of life as they inspire “common” people like us to live our lives to the fullest ” 
     With my publisher, CK Tan of Write Editions, who made it all possible. 
    Visit: www.razorsharpenyourtool.com
    Andrew James Ong, +65 9022 1786; andrew@commontouncommon.com
    Unit 04-16, Lucky Plaza 304 Orchard Road, Singapore 238863
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